Dashborad Camera with SD card recording



  • ICSC6D1080M Outside: 1080P @ 30fps ICSC6D720S supports Inside: 720P @ 30fps
  • ICSC6D1080 consists two parts: recorder & external camera ICSC6D1080M, internal camera ICSC6D720S
  • Supports 3G/4G, GPS, Bluetooth, WIFI, 6-axis
  • SD card recording storage
    (Max. Memory of each SD card 256GB)
  • Adopts Aluminum shell, good heat dissipation
  • Compact size, light weight
  • Supports glass paste installation at the rearview mirror, which is convenient and will not influence driver driving
  • The internal camera ICSC6D720S is with infrared and audio function that can record clearly anything in the car, including the driver and passengers. The external camera ICSC6D1080M can record what has happened in front of the car and can provide evidence if any accident occurs